Cherry Mobile Flare J3 Lite Firmware is Here! The Official Android 7.0 Nougat Operating System. Download the Stock ROM below and flash to fix some major software problem like FRP (Verify Your Account), Boot loop, stuck on start up logo, Hang or not responding, infected by virus or pop up ads and other software problem.

Let’s define first what is Firmware / ROM

Read-Only Memory (ROM) is the firmware (Operating System) stored in the internal memory of the device. Then firmware and ROM can be interchanged, When a mobile technician said ROM or Firmware, they are referring to Flash File which you can be downloaded below. Android Firmware has a different version and ROM has a different type. More info about Mobile OS.

Why we need Firmware

We need firmware to our smartphones when we experience software problem and if we want to update or Upgrade. The following are the common software problem that can be fixed after a successful flashing of firmware:
  • Infected Virus – Also known as Monkey Virus, It is when you connect to Internet, there is automatically download and install unknown apps or some popup screen and sometimes automatically turn on WiFi or data connection without doing it. The virus will not remove though hard reset or formatting your phone. Installing new firmware is the best solution.
  • Unfortunately Error – This is when you open some apps it will popup Unfortunately, App has stopped this is due to downloaded malware app. If cannot fixed through clearing the data, then flashing new firmware is also the solution.
  • Stuck or Hang in Logo – The reason for this is either when you install incorrect Rom or Encounter problem in Operating System. Try to hard reset first but if still stuck, then flashing firmware is also the solution
  • Too Many Pattern Attempts or forgot password – This is just an alternative solution if you cannot hard reset your android phone.
  • Dead boot – Another caused of flashing incorrect ROM will lead to dead boot. Make sure you are flashing the right ROM (Firmware) for your Phone. If you think below is the right firmware for your device then nothing to worry.
  • Boot Loop – The device keep rebooting when you turned it on, Unless your power switch has been damage, Flashing new ROM will fix it.
  • And any software problem.

Things to consider before flashing

  • Back Up Important data – We strongly recommend this to avoid further problem. Complete flashing Rom will erase all and bring back to the default app. All files saved in internal storage will erase like Contacts, Photos, Messages, Accounts, and installed third party application.
  • Battery Must be charged – Recharge your battery at least more than 30% to avoid interruption during flashing.
  • Windows PC and USB Cable – Windows 7 32/64 bit is our recommended PC for compatibility of drivers below.
  • Back Up Installed Firmware if necessary – This is optional if you want to restore your firmware after flashing. Doing this back up need some special tools depend on your mobile chip set.
Flashing firmware may bricked or unbricked your phone, Its always Do It Your Own Risk. We  shared tested firmware and if you follow the instruction correctly and choose the right ROM for your phone model then no further problem will be encounter.

How to bypass CM Flare J3 Lite FRP

Method 1 – Via Fastboot

  1. Download and extract Android Fastboot Reset Tool
  2. Reboot your phone in to Fastboot;
    How to reboot into fastboot?
    a. Turn off your phone
    b. Press Volume up or down + Power
    c. on recovery mode select Reboot to bootloader.
  3. Open Android Fastboot Reset Tool V1.2 by Mohit kkc.exe
  4. Insert USB cable and let the drivers install.
  5. Press C. Remove Moto FRP, then enter.
  6. wait until reboot and done!

Method 2 – Via NCK Tool

  1. Install and open NCK Dongle.
    Password: GSMXTEAM
  2. Select Service tab.
  3. On Phone Settings, Select 0-By CPU, Then Select MT6580.
  4. Click Reset FRP.
  5. Read the Confirmation Box and click YES to Confirm.
  6.  Reinsert phone battery, Battery must be charged, Phone must be off with battery inside. 
  7.  Insert USB cable. then let the drivers automatically install.
  8. Wait till finish and Done.

Method 3 – Via Flashing Firmware

Here is the tested solution in bypassing Flare J3 Lite, Just Flash using SmartPhone Multi-Port Download Tool.

How to flash Flare J3 Lite Nougat Firmware

Using SmartPhone Multi Port Download tool you can flash the nougat firmware of CM flare j3 lite. Download the firmware and tool below and follow this instruction.

  1. Extract the file using winrar or 7zip.
  2. Open Tools folder.
    ope tools
  3. Install Auto Installer SP Drivers, Open SP MDT folder.
    install driver
  4. Then Run 1-MT6580.
    Run tool
  5. Browse the Android MT6580 Scatter file.
    Start flashing
  6. Click Scan then,
    a. Turn off your phone
    b. Press Volume Down
    c. Insert USB cable
    d. Release pressing if start scanning
    e. Wait till Passed.
  7. Click Start all to start flashing.

After your successful flashing, all your software problem will be fixed including FRP.

Download firmware and tools

Download CM Flare J3 Lite ROM and flasher tools

Alternative CM Flare J3 Lite ROM and flasher tools

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