Anonymously Control PC Using Android Phone

Controlling Your Computer using android phone in easy set up, has a many advantage in maximizing a productivity. No Cable needed, Its wireless, no IP Configuration needed, No Network Settings needed. Tested working on windows 7, 8, 10 64 and 32bit.

Top features of controlling other PC using Android Phone 

  • Watch or Control your friend PC without His/Her awareness
  • Control The web cam and capture who is using your PC
  • Helps your friends in doing task using your Android Phone
  • Monitor your Children on what they are doing on PC for Parental Guidance
  • Control anytime and anywhere your PC and finish a task even if you are far away
  • Prank your friends for FUN
  • And many more feature

Here is what you can do

  1. Control Pad – Turn your Client device into a control pad for your PC. Keystrokes made on the phone will be sent to the PC, and finger movements on the touch-screen control the PC’s mouse. This feature does not display the PC screen on the phone; it is intended to be used as a remote control when your PC is within view.
    Perfect for controlling your home Media PC from the comfort of your couch, or your laptop or work PC while giving a presentation. Stand behind a client while providing support–you’ll never have to reach for the mouse again!
  2. Interact Live – View and control your PC from anywhere. While using the feature, keystrokes made on the Client will be sent to the PC, and you can control the PC’s mouse using the devices touch-screen. Interact Live displays the PC’s screen on the Client device, so you do not need to be within view of the PC to use this feature. To access Interact Live, simple run the program, then tap the PC you wish to interact with. 
  3. WebCam Preview – Webcam lets you look through a camera attached to your PC without opening camera software. When you select the feature, PhoneMyPC switches immediately to the camera view.
    – Security Monitoring
    – Checking who’s suing your PC
    – Sharing family moments while on the go
  4. View Only – View your PC from anywhere while using the feature. View Only displays the PC’s screen on the Client device without the possibility of controlling or affecting the PC in any way. This is ideal for keeping an eye on your children or checking up on something in progress on the PC.
  5. Execute Action – Actions lets you program your PC to execute commands issued by you from your Client device. Actions are programs along with optional command-line arguments.
    Great uses for Actions include:
    – Open a document, such as a powerpoint presentation.
    – Open a web browser and navigate to a web site.
    – Modify or repair system settings using system tools.
    – Gag a friend by running any of the gag programs available online.
  6. Control Processes – Control Processes is an advanced feature that provides control over the programs running on your PC. When you select the feature, you will access a list of processes from your PC.
  7. Control Windows – Control Windows is an advanced feature that provides control over the top-level application windows on your PC. When you select the feature, you will access a list of windows on your PC.


You are not allow to use this app unless use this for good purposes, Please do not use at your own benefit and steal information. We is not responsible for any person used this app in bad activities.

Application Needed in Controlling PC

  • PhoneMyPC.exe – This app will be installed in Windows Computer (Download below)
  • PhoneMyPC.apk – The APP that can be installed in your Android Smartphone (Download below)
  • Internet Connection – As long as there is a WiFi or Mobile Data, Slow connection is fine 

Setting Up in PC

Here are Just few steps to set up in your friends or Target PC
  1. Install PhoneMyPC.exe to target PC
  2. After Installation, It will pop up Settings, Just Input Username, Password and Computer name
  3. In Advanced Tab, DO NOT CHANGE PORT, Just follow the recommended settings for Anonymous Set up and Click OK.

Setting Up in Android Phone

  1.  Install PhoneMyPC.apk in your Android phone
  2. Open and in Username Enter the SAME as you entered in desktop TARGET PC
  3. Press back and there you can see a list of PC you want to Control

Is it Safe Secure to use this software

Based from their Official website** All communications are secured with industry standard SSLAlthought it needs to be exclude in antivirus I can also say that it is safe.


You can control more than one PC in single android phone, wireless and in anywhere and anytime, enjoy the maximizing productivity brought to you by GSMSolutionPh team, if you like this, Please share to your friends, they will like it too after you prank them 🙂