Oppo F1S FRP BYPASS (A1601) Verify Google Account

Oppo F1S Bypass FRP is the solution when you Forgot Email account. After you reset or flash your Oppo Smartphone, it requires you to sign in your previous gmail account. Here is the solution to help you unlock your forgotten account.

What is FRP?

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a protection for device that have a Android 5.1 (or later) operating system that uses Google Account to protect your device from factory reset or wipe your phone without your authority.
If you have Google Account Setup in your device this means that after you reset, wipe or re-flash, you will be required to Log in your Google Account. The screen will say;

Verify Your account
This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device.

 Most of the device users forgot the previous entered Google Accounts and that’s why we provide a tutorial on how to reset.

How to Bypass Oppo F1S A1601 FRP

Here is the step oh how too reset and bypass without any software or tools needed.
Oppo F1S FRP BYPASS (A1601)
1. In Select Language Click NEXT until you reach Connect to WiFi.
2. Do NOT connect to wifi Just select available WiFi.
3. The Keyboard will Show and tap on TOUCHPAL icon.

Oppo F1S FRP BYPASS (A1601)
4. Tap on Help & About.
5. Tap Update.
6. Tap Software Update.

Oppo F1S FRP BYPASS (A1601)
8. You are now in Settings, Perform hard reset by going to
   Additional settings>back up and reset>Remove all Content.
9. After reset and restart. FRP is now bypass.

Above tutorial is on How to bypass A1601 FRP wihout software tools and internet.