Cherry Mobile ACE 2 FRP Verify Google Account
Cherry Mobile ACE 2 FRP Solution

This procedure will help you to unlock your Cherry Mobile ACE 2 FRP Verify Google Account. Same procedure in unlocking myphone my28s marshmallow frp.

This will work to both Cherry Mobile ACE 2 v2.0 and Cherry Mobile ACE 2 v3.0

After you reset your phone then connected to WiFi, you will end up in the screen says;

Verify your account This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device.

 If you forgot your email account then here is the solution for you to bybass FRP lock for your Cherry Mobile Ace 2. Just follow the instruction below.

How to bypass Cherry Mobile ACE 2 FRP Lock

There are 2 ways to bypass FRP of CM Ace 2.

Procedure 1 (Manual)

1. Connect to WiFi
2. Long Press right, Recently Use at the Right, and it appears the ( google search )
3. Type any Word Then Click the search
4. Click Maps
5. Click the 3 lines at the upper left
6. Then Scroll down then click setting
7. Click ( Google Location setting ) on the location
8. Click Dialer then click ( Go To Apps ) 
9. Dial *#*#4636#*#*
10. Click ( Battery information )
11. Click Back Arrow above
12. Then Scroll Down Go to ( About Device ) 
13. Then Tap 7times yung ( Build Number ) then back
14. Click the ( Developer Options ) then turn on the OEM
15. Restart & Done !!
-credit to Akishien21

Procedure 2 (Software Tool)

  1. First you need to reboot to bootloader also known as fast boot mode.
  2. To boot to fastboot, turn off your phone then press and hold Power button and Volume up release when logo appear.
    Reboot to Fastboot Reset FRP MY28s Marshmallow
  3. Use Volume Keys to select Reboot to bootloader then press Power button to Confirm.
  4. Connect your USB cable from your phone to PC and let the driver install.
  5. Open Myphone M28s.exe and Type YES then wait till reboot and Done.
    Android Fastboot Reset FRP MY28s Marshmallow type yes
    Android Fastboot Reset FRP MY28s Marshmallow finished

 Give us a feedback below if it works 🙂

Alternative link for Android Fastboot Reset FRP MY28s Marshmallow Thanks and credit to JEEHad_22

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