Myphone Mypad 2 Firmware / Stock Rom

Myphone Mypad 2

Myphone Mypad 2 Firmware is here, Here is the tutorial on how yo flash your Myphone Mypad using Phoenix Suite. Just follow the simeple step Below.

Download Myphone Mypad 2 Firmware
Download Myphone Mypad 2 Flasher (PhoenixSuite)

Before anything else, why we need this firmware or why we need to flash new firmware?, Here are the following common problem that can be fixed through flashing;

  • Myphone Mypad 2 Infected Virus – This is also known as Monkey Virus.

  • Myphone Mypad 2 Hang on logo – or Stuck on logo due to over loaded of application installed or some also due to infected Virus.
  • Myphone MyPad 2 Boot loop
  • Myphone Mypad 2 Stuck on logo

  • Myphone Mypad 2 Too many pattern attempt – this is when you forgot your pattern or lock and it will be blocked and ask for google account and the problem is not  connected to internet, since no hard reset yet, then flahing new stock rom is the best solution in all above problem.
Before flashing, I hope you aware that all your personal data will be deleted. we still recommend to back up first all your important data.

Tutorial on how to flash Myphone Mypad 2 with Phoenix suite.

PhoenixSuite Upgrading
  1. Install ADB Drivers Included in Flasher, Just select DPInst.exe for 32bit and DPInst64.exe for 64 bit.
  2. Run PhoenixSuit.exe, select on firmware tab and chose firmware file which is you downloaded above.
  3. Turn off your tablet and hold Volume up then connect USB cable and press power button 10 times.
  4. If it is detected, there will be a popup window ask you to Upgrade, Just select Yes.
  5. Wait until done.
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