Oplus O+ Upsized Firmware (Pac.sc for CM2)

Here is the update firmware for the latest O+ Upsized with Android 5.1 lollipop Operating system. This firmware help you to unbrick your phone and to fix software problem.

Oplus O+ Upsized front
Oplus O+ Upsized 40GB

You might confused what is firmware? Firmware is an applications and operating system sofware that control how a  mobile phone or android smartphone fucntion. Firmware is use to flash into a mobile phone’s ROM rather than just copy and load to your phone storage, where it could more easily be delete and gone in the time of crash. Firmware updates can be provided sometimes by the company who develop the specific phones.

There are common problem of android phone that can be fix through flashing new firmware, and remember that flashing can only fixed software problem, this firmware is tested and here are the following software problem that can be fix in flashing new firmware:

  • Infected Virus – Also known as Monkey Virus where when you connect to Internet, there is automatically download apps or some popup screen and sometimes automatically turn on WiFi or data connection without doing it. The virus will not remove though hard reset or formatting your phone. Installing new firmware is the best solution.
  • Unfortunately Error – This is when you open some apps it will popup Unfortunately, App has stopped. If cannot fixed through clearing the data, then flashing new firmware is also the solution.
  • Stuck or Hang in Logo – The reason for this is either when you install incorrect Rom. Try to hard reset first but if still stuck, then flashing firmware is also the solution.
  • Too Many Pattern Attempts or forgot password –   This is just an alternative solution if you cannot hard reset your android phone.

Note that flashing new firmware can deleted all your personal data in your internal storage, Including Photos, Contacts, Messages and all Installed third party application, We recommend to perform back up first your important data before proceeding. Download the firmware and follow the flashing instruction below.

Download Oplus O+ Upsized Firmware

Password: gsmsandwich.com.ph
The above firmware is for Oplus Upsized with the extension pac.sc that can be flash through Chinese Miracle II (CM2).

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