Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 Verify your account

The new Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 has now in android version 6.0 marshmallow. most of the latest android version requires you to sign in a google account, then after you reset then you forgot your account, so here is the tutorial on how to bypass Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 verify your account.

Lets check first more about Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0.
Model Number: FLARE J1
Android Version: 6.0
Kernel Version: 3.10.65
Build number: Cherry_Mobile_Flare_J1_V2.0_07062016

Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 back viewCherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 About phone

How to bypass Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 FRP Lock (Verfy your google account) with pictures

Before anything else, lets prepare the things we need,

First, copy the QuickShortcutMaker_2.4.0[GSMSolutionPH].apk to your SD Card before going to step 1.

1. Upon resetting your phone, you will see a Welcome, just tap on arrow next next until you connected to wifi. after you connect to wifi, the next is Verify  your account.

Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 connect wifi

2. Here is the trick, Touch and hold the Home icon until search popup. just tap No thanks if Google help appear.

Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 verify your account trickCherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 no thanks

3. search for File Explorer, then open it to install QuickShortcutMaker.

Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 search file explorer

4. Tap on Quick view and select External Storage, locate the QuickShortcutMaker you copied in SD Card and install, for Install block just tap on Settings, Scroll down and enable Unknown source.

Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 install quick shortcut maker

4.1  Tap on OK to confirm and go back and install again the QuickShortcutMaker then OPEN.

Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 check unknown source

5. In QuickShortcutMaker, Search for Google Account Manager, follow the numbered on image below.

  1. google acc and it will display at first the Google Account Manager.
  2. Tap on Google Account Manager to select.
  3. Tap on Check to hide keyboard.
  4. Tap on Google Account Manager with Type Email and Password below.
  5. Tap on Try.

Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 google account manager

6. You will see a three dot icon at the upper right of screen, tap and tap again on Browser Sign In.  Now its your chance to sign in your new Google Account. Enter your email and password then Sign in. Wait for a while to sign in.

Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 sign in new account

7. After you signed in your new Google Account, just back and back until you see the Account added. and now Bypass Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0  Google Account DONE.

Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 new account added

Tips: To prevent FRP lock again, you should enable OEM unlocking, to do this, follow the instruction below.
First you need to enable the developers option first,

How to enable Developers option and USB Debugging in Cherry Mobile Flare J1

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to About phones
  • Scroll down on Build number and tap it for 7 times until you see a ‘You are now a developer!
  • go back to Settings
  • You will see now the Developers options, There you can now  enable OEM unlocking and USB Debugging also.

Cherry Mobile Flare J1 v4.0 enable developers option
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