Cherry Mobile FLARE J1 Mini FRP Google account

After you Hard Reset your Cherry Mobile FLARE J1 Mini, you will ask for your signed in google account before. this happen in android lollipop and higher how if you forgot? then here is the solution on how to bypass Cherry Mobile FLARE J1 Mini FRP Google account.

FRP or Factory Reset Protection is used to help you keep your data safe. This happen when you signed in your google account and when you factory reset then it will require you to sign in again before you are going to use it again your phone. the problem is how if you just bought your phone to your friends or you forgot your password. in this tutorial, we will help you to recover and to be able to use your phone again. follow the instruction below and don’t forget to leave a comment.

How to bypass Cherry Mobile FLARE J1 Mini Verify your account.

1. First you need to perform a hard reset first by following the Hard reset procedure. After a hared reset and restart, you will see this welcome screen.
2. Wait for a few second to display the eWarranty: Greetings from Cherry Mobile. Maybe it tooks 10 seconds to wait or more. if it display, press next and back and back again to the Welcome screen.

flare j1 mini eWarranty: Greetings from Cherry Mobile

3. After the eWarranty display and back to welcome screen, just tap and hold the Option icon until an new popup window appear.
Cherry Mobile FLARE J1 Mini bypass trick

4.  Then just type Settings to go into settings and select Factory Reset, and after restart, its done. πŸ™‚
flare j1 mini bypass
photo credit and thanks to master_jey and preloader88

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